Tremolo is an interactive fiction serial where the choices will be made by my Patreon patrons via poll. The end result will be a linear piece of prose, but the journey to get there will be quite twisted, indeed. It will largely be text-based, though there may be some sound and images included here and there.

The story of Tremolo focuses on the heroine, 29-year-old Rhiannon. A couple days shy of her 30th birthday, she's started wondering if she's really living her life the way she always wanted. While absently scrolling through the internet at work one day, she stumbles upon a lush photo of an evergreen forest with a simple caption: Dare to discover. Rhiannon's reminded of how she always wanted to travel more and to be more in nature--a far cry from her current life chained to her little cubicle. Then and there she decides to cash in on her long-unused vacation days and hops on a plane to the northwest, to The Wilds, joining a tour group that promises adventure and self-discovery. She's about to get a little more of both than she bargained for...

This story will have some horror, a secret society, magic, an out-of-shape heroine making reckless decisions while hiking, existential dread, and, of course, romance✨ Or not. I mean, it really depends on the choices made.

The first chapter was posted on April 1st, 2018, and there's a new chapter posted every other Thursday. Each chapter will contain at least 1 choice to be decided via 1-week poll. Patrons of the highest tier get exclusive access to breakdown posts following the close of each poll. These breakdowns explain the choices and describe what would have happened, perhaps, had the others been picked.

If you're not already pledging to my Patreon, even a pledge of $1 a month helps me tremendously and is enough to get you in on this! It will be much more fun to be able to influence the story, I promise.