This page will be updated as characters are introduced and as more is learned more about them. As such, there may be spoilers if you are not caught up with the latest chapters.


The heroine of this story. 29 years old and works at a thriving startup company. A bit of a dreamer, she has delusions of grandeur, but is indecisive and so tends to go with the flow.


A pink-haired woman who appears to be around Rhiannon's age. She is a comedy of contrasts—playful and sarcastic, friendly but somewhat judgmental. She and Rhiannon quickly hit it off.


A handsome young man who seems to be the youngest in the group. He has easy manners and is lightly flirtatious, but feels out of his element with three older women. His attempts to take charge often backfire.


A petite pregnant woman who is the most athletic and knowledgeable about hiking out of the four. Sunny in disposition, she naturally becomes the group's leader, much to River's annoyance.


A bird.